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Amazing Methods to Recover Gmail Account

Gmail is a popular web-based email service provider allows its users to share messages with other users. However, in some cases, users are unable to recover their account. The most obvious reason to choose any accounts to be recovered if users would have forgotten their password – or accounts being hacked by the illicit hackers.

If you have forgotten your account password and want to get on how to recover Gmail account password, follow our recovering steps one-by-one. Or else, you must call directly one of our Gmail experts.

Steps to Recover Gmail Account Password:

Step 1: First thing first, launch any of your browsers from your system

Step 2: Move to the Gmail login page from the browser.

Step 3: Under the Sign-in page, enter your email address in the address field. If you are forgotten your email address, click on the link of Forgot email and get the email address first.

Step 4: Click the link of Forgot password and enter your last password, if you do have any clue about it.

Step 5: Click the link displayed with the phrase – Try another way.

Step 6: Enter the phone number to get a verification code into your phone messaging app.

Step 7: Enter the verification code and click the Next button.

Step 8: Enter a new password twice in the required fields and click the Submit button and get proceed into your Gmail account with the new password.

If you are still unable to proceed on how to recover Gmail account on your own, you must contact our Gmail experts immediately. Our technical experts are available 24x7 to help you out from any sorts of issues related to Gmail.

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How do I block someone on Gmail?

We might face a situation when our Gmail Account gets flooded with too many annoying emails. Now, it gets important keep your account fresh and clean. There is no need of storing the spam emails. You can simply block someone on Gmail, who is sending you spam emails. Here, in this blog, we would be discussing the various ways to block someone on Gmail. Check out the steps to resolve this particular problem. There are many issues associated with Gmail like Gmail Error something’s not right. All of them could be fixed with the help of the experts

Check out the common ways to block someone on Gmail!

Here are some easy steps which would guide you to block anyone on Gmail:

  • At first, check whether you do have a proper and established internet connection
  • Then, you are required to put the address of your Gmail Account in the address bar
  • After that, enter the email address and phone number
  • Enter your password and click on enter button
  • You must click on the next button
  • After that, you are supposed to pull up an email
  • You are supposed to do it from the repeat offender
  • At the far right corner, you are supposed to click on the three dots
  • Then, a dropdown menu appears on your screen
  • From the list you are supposed to click on the block button on the sender’s name
  • At last, press block button to confirm it

Hopefully, this blog is helpful for you. Supposedly, you are not satisfied or you do not find these steps impactful, you are supposed to contact at Gmail Customer support number. The experts and engineers are present 24*7 at your service, for your help.

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Fix Gmail error code 76997 like a pro!

Gmail is the reputed company in the field of the email service provider, which is used for sending or receiving the messages. It is preferable for all the users of a different backdrop. It has mind-blowing features which have always hit the headlines. It has freshly got its new looks and introduced new features to give the users the market-best services. Some of the much-appreciated features are filtering snooze, forums, and much more. Time and often, the users have talked about the shortcomings they stumble upon while using it for their purposes.

Gmail error 76997 is marked as the familiar issue which the user comes across while trying to send an email to a group or single recipients. So, the users wouldn’t be able to send emails to the desired recipients, nor they can access their account properly. And the error message which the visit the screen along with the error is ‘oops! Server error occurred and the email wasn’t sent’. The issue might seem to be simple, yet you need to look for the correct remedy to get rid of it properly.

Are you looking for the proper ways to resolve the issue? Yes! Then have a quick glimpse at this below short blog to get help or you can directly Contact Gmail number.

The root cause behind Gmail error code 76997

  • Due to the unnecessary add-ons and the extensions on the browser
  • The network congestion in your area
  • Maybe the caches and cookies in the browser are the reason
  • Due to the installed security software blocked Gmail Account
  • Maybe sending the mail to the multiple recipients in bulk result in spamming
  • Due to Windows OS has been updated for a long time
  • The desired web browser has met with an installation issue

Troubleshooting steps to fix Gmail error 76997

Simple Fixes

  • Check whether you have any pending updates on Windows OS or not.
  • Make sure your desired web browser is updated properly.
  • Try to disable all the useless extensions or add-ons temporarily.
  • You need to fix the installed security software problem with the proper steps.
  • Try to switch your Gmail account to MS- Outlook email services.

Seek to create a contact group

To create a contact group in Gmail Account, you need to look for the correct steps-

  • Look for the ‘Google Contacts’ option.
  • Select the ‘Create label’ option under the ‘labels’.
  • You need to enter the name you wish to save
  • Click on the ‘Ok’ option.

Strive to enable one Gmail lab

In order to enable at least one Gmail lab, try to look for the correct procedures -

  • Look for the ‘Gmail Account’ page.
  • Select the ‘gear icon’ on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ option.
  • You need to choose the ‘labs’ tab.
  • Try to enable anyone Gmail lab.
  • Click on the ‘save’ option to save the changes.

We hope that the steps listed above have totally succeeded in helping you in getting rid of the problem for, which you were in this short blog. In case you are unable to fix the problem manually, or you are stuck with the technical glitches while applying these steps, then you need to get help from the professional experts at Gmail Customer Support number and get the remedy hand-to-hand.

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Are you not tired of HP Printer error code 59.F0?

Undoubtedly, HP Printer has mind-blowing features and commendable speed, which makes it the first choice of the users all over the world. It is known for its flawless printing quality and services which are beyond any comparison. It is always suggested to install the genuine the ink cartridges on your printer. There are instances when the user has expressed their discontentment while handling the printer for their purposes. They much have an encounter with the shortcomings which are hard for them to crack or get it to fix.

HP Printer error code 59.FO is a technical issue which the user encounters while commanding for print for their usages. It appears due to the Transfer Alienation Failure, and the Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB) got stuck and thus unable to rotate. The other reason can be the transfer roller dysfunction and SR9 sensor is accountable for that. The problem seems to be severe and demands the urgent attention of the users to get rid of the issue to the earliest.

Are you getting the same issue ion your screen and looking for the correct steps to fix it? Yes! Then have a quick glimpse at this below short blog to get the results.

Quick steps to resolving HP Printer error code 59.FO

  • Reset the Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB)

You need to reset the ITB properly with the correct steps.

  • Try to check on the connection of sensor SR9

You need to check the connection of the sensor SR9. The sensor is responsible for controlling the primary transfer roller disengagement and connected to the Connector J19.

  • Attempt to manually verify the ITB gear and flag

If the problem still persists, then you need to completely remove the ITB from the unit and manually check the gear and flag. You need to follow the steps to do so correctly.

  • Try to check the sensor manually

You need to test the SR9 sensor manually with the help of Manual Sensor Test. Also, check on the SR9 flag. Both the cases, you need to follow the correct steps to get the proper solution.

  • Go for the Fuser Motor Component Test

You need to go through the fuser motor component test with the proper steps else it might launch you in other technical glitches.

We assume that the steps mentioned above have helped you in getting rid of the issue which you were complaining for so long time. If you fail to resolve the problem properly or you have to stumble upon on other technical glitches for which you need help, then you need to contact the professional technicians at HP Printer support number to get the best results instantly.

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Yahoo Mail Attachments not Working: How to Fix It?

Yahoo is famous for sending and receiving or exchanging ideas and information through emails. It is popular among the young generation as well as due to its easy tackling; the old generation uses it too. Right from various business firms, big multinational companies, as well as various small firms and even individuals use it for the exchange of emails.

On the other hand, these days Yahoo is facing some severe troubles and due to this, the users of Yahoo are also facing enormous problems. Errors like Yahoo mail PDF attachment problem or attachment problem in yahoo mail are some of the common errors that the customers of Yahoo are facing. Now, the errors could be due to various technical issues, or maybe any issues related to browser. The trouble is severe and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Now, in this article, we would discuss the urgent problems that need to be resolved and the ways through which we can do it.

Unable to Attach Files in Yahoo Mail: What to do?

Try to disable shockwave flash Add-on

At first, you are supposed to try to disable shockwave flash Add-on. This is an important feature, which is helpful in solving the entire issue. So, at first you should try this, you should know how to disable the shockwave flash Add-on and the steps are:

It is divided into three parts, first, we will have a look on how to try to disable shockwave in chrome and then in Firefox and then on the Internet Explorer.

Via Google Chrome

  1. So, the first is Chrome: Type chrome:\\ plugins address bar
  2. Now, press enter
  3. From the list of the plug-in, you are supposed to locate the flash player
  4. Now, disable the flash

Via Mozilla Firefox

  1. There would be three horizontal lines, go to the main menu and now click on it
  2. Now, in the menu, click on ‘Add-ons’
  3. Now, move to the next page, first try to locate on Plugins and now click on it
  4. Now, in the next page, locate ‘shockwave flash’, and now disable it

Via Internet Explorer

  1. At first, you are required to click the gear icon
  2. Now, select Manage Add-ons.
  3. Now, click on the show box, and click ‘All add-ons’
  4. Under Microsoft Windows, Third part Application component, find Shockwave Flash, in the next step you are required to disable it.
  5. Try to attach a file to your yahoo mail account

Put restrictions on file

Yahoo generally refuses files that have included any special characters to its name. Try removing any characters from your files, if it has any characters or else usually yahoo removes it.

Size of the file

Generally, Yahoo only allows the user to attach a file which is not more than 25MB. It might create troubles for you if your files do have more than 25MB or the specified size.


One of the most important issues is caused by antivirus. Sometimes your attachment could not get attached to the mail because of the presence of the Antivirus. You can try to scan your system, for anti-virus and malware as they could also be the reason that interferes with the attachment process.

These are few ways through which you can find a solution if you're unable to attach files in Yahoo mail. We hope this article is helpful for you and you find the solution for all the errors, on the other hand, if your problem still exists you can contact Yahoo Phone number.

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How to Improve Avg Performance By Clearing The Temporary Files

Even if the system runs fast, one of the significant things which slow it down and prevents program installation is bulk storing of photos, songs, and documents. This involves all those gigabytes of useless data, temporary folders, old backups, years old system restore points and other substantial data boars. Excessive disarray leads to limit the system's performance. Therefore it is essential to remove all these unwanted files to help AVG perform better.

Reasons Why The User Should Clear Cache Memory:

The below two reasons are the points which may create an unexpected situation in AVG performance. When the memory in a system goes to an extent where it should not then often time user face an issue where it fails to show the icon. So what to do when AVG antivirus icon went missing? The user should try solving it by clearing the cache memory. Other reasons to do so are:

Leads To Low Disk Space

Low disk space can make AVG slow down to an imperative pace, leads to increase load junctures, and can generate any error messages. Windows and many third-party programs need disk space to “breathe.”

Increases Bugs And Crashes

If the programs and Windows go out of space to produce their files, they’ll often dodge to work. This can happen in everything from uncomplicated crashes to blue screens.

Steps Involved In Cleaning Of Cache Memory

Step 1

Use Disk Cleaners

The standard disk cleanup tool can identify and get rid of the temporary file in the system to help AVG perform better. It also helps in getting clear of the following things:

  1. Old folders and files
  2. Setup logs and accounts
  3. Leftover files of Windows update
  4. Temporary internet files & offline web pages
  5. Windows error reporting data
  6. The user needs to type in the text stating "%System Root%\System32\Cmd.exe /c Cleanmgr/sageset: 65535 & Cleanmgr/sagerun: 6553" in the dialogue box.
  7. Next name the shortcut whatever the user likes, such as “My PC Cleaning Tool” and then tap on that lately built shortcut and choose Run as Administrator.
  8. Now choose all the files and folders that the user wants to clean up and tap Ok.

Step 2

Clean Up The Browser

Browsers manage to accumulate plenty of leftover files and folders when the user might be checking Facebook or any favorite news site. These things involve:

Cached Files

It is a momentarily saved data of freshly obtained websites.


It includes small applications that recognize the system to a website, such as political media sites and shopping portals.


It is the record of the user who has typed into the browser’s address block.

  1. Begin by tapping on the little icon in the top right
  2. Then tap on Internet options. Tap on delete in the preceding window and verify all the items that have to be deleted
  3. Install an automated browser that can clean tool, like the one developed into AVG


Look For Large Files

It is simple to forget about large files and folders that are placed on the hard drives and once intended it can be removed later.

  1. In Windows 8 or 10, begin by opening Explorer and tap on the search tab. Next, tap on the size and select "gigantic" option.
  2. In Windows 7, begin by opening Explorer, tap into the search field, and type in size of gigantic and then hit Enter.

It is possible that the user might face issues in clearing up of the cache memory and temporary files even after these above troubleshooting steps. Hence, to solve this user can contact the AVG customer service. They can provide the user with a detailed version of the solution.

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Procedure to connect your Brother Printer to a laptop

Printing is the most convenient way for taking out the printouts of all your relevant documents. There is a huge range of printers available in the market; sometimes it might get a bit confusing for you to understand the exact connectivity of your printer with the laptop. Fortunately, Brother Printer enables you the feature of user-friendly printers with the help of plug-and-play connection options. With this, you can easily connect your Brother printers to nearly any Laptop. Read this information thoroughly as it will assist you in troubleshooting the error which you might encounter while establishing the proper connection between your Brother Printer and the Laptop. If your issue is not resolved, and you want the experts’ advice, immediately contact the Brother Customer support for an instant solution.

Follow the step by step guideline to establish a proper connection between your printer and the laptop:

Step-1: Initially, you have to visit the Then, scroll down your mouse to the bottom of the page, and then double-click on the option of the “Downloads" link that will appear to you in the left-hand column.

Step-2: Now, you have to select the option of “Printers" which will be issued under the drop-down menu of “Select Product Group." Once you have chosen the “printer,” then select the printer model, followed by a click on the "View" button. To proceed ahead, just click on n the link mentioned below.

Step-3: In this step, you have to select the computer's operating system. Apart from that, you need to choose the language and then click on the search button. Once you are done with the operating system, download the appropriate driver based on your computer.

Step-4: Now, restart your computer. After that, connect one end of your USB cable to the port available on your Brother printer, and another end to the USP port located on your Laptop

Step-5: Switch on your laptop and printer and wait for the moment till the time laptop recognizes and establishes the USB connection.

Implement the above-given steps and enjoy the facility of printing on your Laptop. In case, you have any other issue related to Brother Printer and want expert’s advice, then dial support for Brother Printer number. You can also visit contactforhelp, and they will assist you with the details of the certified technicians.

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How to access your contacts on Yahoo! Messenger

Social Media website plays a major role in connecting people of the different worlds. There are many social networking websites available along with their various features. Among them, one is Yahoo which is basically a search engine, web portal, and subject directory. The chances of the good search result are boosted up because of their own search engine technology. This portal is one of the best destinations on the web for the users to enjoy its various features like a mail, a search engine, news, a directory, videos, social media sites, chatting option and many more services. While using Yahoo if you get stuck anywhere and might be wondering that How do I contact Yahoo mail? Then don't worry the Yahoo experts will help you.

Yahoo Enables you many features among them one is adding your friends and on Yahoo! Messenger through which you can easily connect with them at anytime and anywhere. Follow these simple steps to add New Friends, Family on your Yahoo! Messenger account.

  • Steps to access the option of adding New Friends, Family on your Yahoo! Messenger account

The most basic function of Yahoo that every yahoo user should know is how to add direct contacts to their Yahoo! Messenger Contact list. Adding contacts can be an act of refreshing breeze once the user is added, then you can easily see who is online and available to chat after a quick look at your contacts list.

For this, you have to simply click the button of "Contacts" which is located on the top toolbar of the Yahoo! Messenger client window, Then an option of " Add a Contact" will appear you have to click that. Even you can also press the hotkeys combination of future for saving your time.

  • Directly you can Enter Contacts on your Yahoo! Messenger Account and start chat

Once you have created your login account then you can also add direct contacts on Yahoo! Messenger. Initially, a new pop-up window will appear where you will get the option of "Type the person's Messenger ID or email address" under that you have to mention the detail of the contact with whom you want to get connected. For accessing the feature of chat you have to select the option of Windows Live Messenger network underneath the "Network" drop-down menu, then click "Next." In case you want to contact the already existing user of your address book then you need to click on the "Choose a Contact from Your Address Book" button. Remember that it's not the part of Yahoo! Messenger, so the contact will receive a joining invitation from your screen name.

  • Choose the Group for Your Contact on Yahoo! Messenger.

Once you add the contact you can select the group in which you want to add this contact. At the same time, you can even send a personal message to the contact in order to inform them who you are actually and even you can tell them the purpose of adding them to that particular group.

  • Lastly, you will receive a notification of adding Yahoo! Contact Complete.

After the contact is completely added on your Yahoo! Messenger contact list then immediately you will get a pop window with a confirmation message. Once it's done you can easily check anytime when you are online that your existing contacts are active or not.

Finally, you have to click the button of "Finish”. To exit from the window.

Try these above mentioned simple steps to add contacts on Yahoo! Messenger. While implementing all these tips if you encounter any issue and being a non- technical person you don't know how to resolve it then just simple search What is the phone number for Yahoo mail? And the experts will help you through step by step guidance. In case you are not satisfied with the search result then you can even visit the Contactforhelp in order to get instant assistance.


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4 Handy Steps to Remove a Virus from Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail can directly be accessed via the Internet browser, without requiring the need for having installed any email-related software on your computer. That kind of web browser-based email is considered as Webmail. A significant advantage of using the Yahoo Mail via the webmail is that all incoming emails can be scanned first for viruses and malware before they enter into your PC and create any critical damage. For additional help, call on the Yahoo customer support number to get support. As a Yahoo email user, the virus scanning feature is automatically enabled, making it easy to use on the attached files.

Learn How to Remove Viruses from Yahoo Email Account

Through Yahoo scans your all incoming emails automatically received in your account, however, if you get any troubles, you can ask the help of professionals by dialing the Yahoo toll-free phone number. Here’s how to find and remove the virus from the Yahoo Mail.

Step 1 – Navigate to the Yahoo Mail site to open the account. Type the Yahoo username and password to access the Yahoo email account. Open the emails supposed of having a virus.

Step 2 – Find attached files. You will find them in the header section beyond the body of the message. The name of the attached file will display as blue, with active hyperlinks, showing the correct saved file name provided by the sender.

Step 3 – Start to scan and clean viruses automatically. Search for the ‘Scan and Download Attachment’ link and click on it to open. If it doesn’t display, you may require clicking directly on the file name of the attachment. Search for the ‘Scanning attachment for viruses’ alert message. It may display for less than a second, reliant upon the file’s size. If you miss this short-term warning message, it is not such essential.

Step 4 – Wait and check the results. Once the virus scanning process is finished, if no virus or malware is found, you will be directed the go-ahead to download the attached files. If the virus is recognized, Yahoo Mail will try to clean the attachment automatically, and then show the option to download the files.

However, if these steps are not much reliable to detect and clean the virus in the attached files automatically, then you can look for the further solutions to find and fix the virus issues. In such circumstances, you can call on the Yahoo customer support phone number to get support and additional guidance to get rid of viruses from Yahoo Mail in a hassle-free manner.


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6 Easy Steps to Unblock Websites on Kaspersky Protection

When accessing the Web network, Kaspersky’s Antivirus Security and Internet Security solutions stop you from reaching the hazardous sites that have phishing content or malware. However, in most cases, both security solutions may erroneously block you from browsing the websites that are trusted, and you are familiar with. At that point, to get access to the blocked site, you can use the Kaspersky’s Web Anti-Virus security tool to add the legitimate websites as trusted URLs. For additional help and suggestions, you can call on the Kaspersky customer service phone number and consult with the experts to get immediate answers to all technical and non-technical concerns.

Know How to Unblock the Trusted Websites on Kaspersky Protection

To add a blocked website as a trusted URL, you can follow these steps to get access to your site. Here’s how to do:

Step 1 – First and foremost step is to launch your Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet Security program on your computer.

Step 2 - Click the ‘Settings’ button on the bottom right corner of the Kaspersky’s Anti-Virus or Internet Security window.

Step 3– Click on the ‘Protection Center’ tab, and then choose the ‘Web Antivirus’ option. Click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab, followed by the ‘Configure Trusted Web Pages’ link.

Step 4 – Click the ‘Add’ button on the ‘Trusted Websites’ pop-up screen. Input the URL of your particular site that you want to unblock into the blank field under the ‘Address Mask (URL)’ section.

Step 5 – Select the ‘Active’ radio button, and then click the ‘Add’ button to insert more websites to the Trusted URL list of your Kaspersky protection.

Step 6 – Press the ‘Alt + F4’ keys at the same time on your keyboard to close the pop-up window labeled as the ‘Trusted Web Pages.’

After you add a legitimate website to the trusted URL list of your Kaspersky antivirus, the particular site must usually load without displaying the ‘Access Denied’ warning message on the browser’s screen. This information is mainly intended for the Kaspersky AntiVirus 2014 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2014. It may differ somewhat with other editions. If you’re using another version of the Kaspersky antivirus and getting the same difficulties, then contact the experts by dialing the Kaspersky antivirus support number to obtain the step-by-step directions for unblocking a legitimate website.


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